WHAT IS OMNI.AI | BUILDING THE FUTURE WITH CRYPTO | Petrix Barbosa The App For Everything | Ep.42

This Episode, Petrix Barbosa talks about his current project at Omni.ai. He explains how content creators will eventually own the content they create or post and describes other avenues of which creators could gain income by using Omni.ai.
Linked to OMNI.ai Website: https://omni.ai/

0:00 Buy Bitcoin with CashApp
0:53 What is Omni.ai
2:05 Owning What you Create w/ Omni
4:02 Coming Soon On Omni, Earning an Income with Omni Live
7:44 Initial Features at Omni App Launch
8:33 Supporting The OMNI.ai Ecosystem
8:54 Following Petrix via Twitter

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