Title The U.S FLIPS on Bitcoin Mining | KUWB EP 4

Title The U.S FLIPS on Bitcoin Mining | KUWB EP 4

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Time stamps
00:00 White House Climate says Proof of Work is bad for the environment
00:50 CBDC’s vs Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
01:10 Bitcoin Mining can Cleans up Methane Gas Runoff
01:40 Bitcoin Mining uses RENEWABLE energy
02:25 The Ethereum Merge; PoS versus PoW
03:19 The similarity of the Fiat System and Proof of Stake
03:55 How the Fiat System is Different from Ethereum
04:35 New York NFT Fashion Week
05:26 Photography & Music NFTs Secured by Bitcoin
05:56 SEC Goes After Ethereum
08:42 The Crypto War
09:30 Kaylee’s Web 3.0 Free Newsletter


News article Links and additional information from today’s episode

Jrny into web3 Newsletter

White House Report

Gary Gensler (SEC Chairman) says ethereal its a security

The Merge

Longstreet (Sean Longstreet)

3hunnnatheartist (Byrthreesixty)

Of all nations media (Levi Harrell)

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