Symbols of Freedom | Assets & Arbitrage Ep 24

Symbols of Freedom | Assets & Arbitrage Ep 24
Assets & Arbitrage

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**This is not financial advice. The expressed opinions in the video are of the speakers. You can lose all your money in the cryptocurrency market, so be sure to do your own research before investing.**The Gentleman of Crypto is a daily live broadcast that explores Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. We discuss international topics, news updates, and future innovations in blockchain, digital currencies and assets, fintech, and more.

The Best Times To Trade Forex

I myself am a U.K. trader so the following times mentioned in this article are going to be of GMT London time, the equivalent should be worked out for your own country. The fluctuations of foreign currency are themselves made by forex traders…

Buying And Selling Old Coins – How Much Should One Pay For A Coinage?

When it comes to understanding how to effectively buy and sell old coins to currency dealers and collectors, one can find a great deal of information online. For, all one has to do is look up a website which provides current coin values in order to know what different coins are worth.

The New Core Principles of RSI May Not Be What You Think

RSI, the Relative Strength Index is one of the few trading indicators used in Forex trading that can actually act as a standalone trading system. A standalone trading system is a system that does not use additional indicators to confirm a trade.

Finding the Best Automated Forex Trading Tool

Forex trading is among the best businesses by all standards. Firstly, you can make huge profit trading forex without investing all your time into it; in fact, with automated forex trading tools such as FAP Turbo, you have all the time to yourself since the software does the trading for you with no form of human assistance!

AvaFX Vs Etoro – The Battle of the Brokers

Both AvaFX and Etoro have stellar reputations especially when it comes to their customer support. So, how does a trader decide between these two top brokers? What type of trader would benefit more from AvaFX and what type would enjoy trading with Etoro?

Undisclosed Facts About Forex Trading

Whenever there is a financial rumour, whether it is gambling in the casino or playing the stock market, people will want to find a “system” that assures you of being successful. The forex market is not different in that regard. But is there a forex system that is capable of eliminating risks and guarantee the investor profit in this case?

Increasing Margin With Forex Bonus

Making profit on the forex market is all about having bigger margin for trading. Although that could be achieved by using a higher leverage level but the leverage remains a two sided sword. On the one hand it can increase your profit ration but on the other it can also increase your risk ratio.

Automated Pips Review – Does This Automatic Forex Trading Method Really Work?

Does the automatic Forex trading method called Automated Pips really work? This trading software has been fully programmed to be completely hands free while allowing any individual to use it regardless of their Forex trading experience. There is very minimal manual work required to make this robot work.

Advantages Associated With FOREX Trading

The financial returns promised for FOREX trading are very high compared to the trading of stocks, futures or commodities. One of the most prominent advantages associated with this trading is that there are equal chances for success in falling as well as in rising markets. The flexibility of the market is another advantage associated with trading.

Using Candle Stick Patterns In Forex Trading

Candle sticks are probably the most common chart type for charting forex price action, but I think traders really tend to miss some of the important information that candles give you. There can be lots of reasons for this. In many cases “indicator fascination” gets in the way of sound chart reading.

Forex Trading – Greece, the Euro, and the European Union

Forex trading has been extremely volatile as of late as a result of the sovereign debt crises currently unfolding in Greece. The fear is that this debt crisis in Greece will spread to other heavily indebted countries in the European Union (EU) such as Spain, Portugal and Italy. As a result of what has happened, the Euro currency has plunged nearly 11% against the US Dollar. When looking at this situation we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Is the sell-off in the Euro over done and is the recent strength in the US Dollar a result of strong fundamentals in the United States or of weakness in the Euro? The reason these are important questions is because the answer to the second one will greatly impact how we answer the first.

Money Is a Currency Away

Have you experienced travelling outside your country for a vacation or business? Did you have to exchange your current currency to that country’s currency? This is in simple ways Forex trading. Our currencies when exchanged for another currency allow us to use the money across countries and borders.

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