My Origin Story: “Who is L?” | Crypto & The Caribbean

My Origin Story: “Who is L?” | Crypto & The Caribbean

We’re 14 episodes into the series and I just realized that many of you have no idea who I am and I’ve never actually explained much about myself on this show.

So for this episode, I’m diving into my full backstory, talking about how I (a guy from The Bahamas, with little to no background in finance) first got into the bitcoin and crypto space and why I make the kind of content that I do. Hopefully, it inspires someone out there, who may be a bit apprehensive, to take the plunge into the bitcoin and crypto rabbit hole like I did.

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Uncovering Forex Trading Systems

Trading currencies for profit can be a cinch with forex trading systems. Everyday, trillions of dollars in transactions go through forex trading. Profits from this kind of trading and investing are one of the more rewarding ones. The 24×7 market of forex trading offers a great opportunity for earnings especially in the online businesses. Forex trading systems can provide the necessary market information system for anyone who wants to trade from home.

Swing Trading System Facts You Need To Know

Swing Trade is the most popular and effective method to profit from trading stocks, money markets and Forex. An effective trading facility must meet two of the most basic and fundamental components of the negotiation: the identification of trends and to identify how to put stop loss.

Have You Seen the Latest Trading Currency News?

If you are interested in making money through stocks, foreign exchange and currencies, then you have to be a lit more interested in the news. Contrary to popular notion, a sufficient amount of right information can take you miles in the trading scene. Yet, news involving forex and currency trade change day by day and we receive the same news as everybody on the planet. So how would you know how and when to use the trading currency news or information to your trading benefit?

Swing Trading – Ways Of Learning

If you are one person who has a lot of doubts on what is swing trading, then this article will provide you with different ways that you can go around to learn what swing trading is. Now days there are many different ways in which you can come to learn about swing trading. The most common one is the internet. Internet is one such source which can just give you information about everything you want to know.

Swing Trading And Time Frames

There are many traders in the market who started their career as a day trader. However, at the end of the day they turn themselves into swing traders. When these traders find that the market is going according to their anticipations then these traders scale out a portion of their position and keep the trade running.

Learn Forex Trading – Why You Should Use an FX Trading Course Rather Than Robot Software

If you want to learn Forex trading and you want to enjoy trading success, you are far better off using a course than an automated Forex trading robot and in this article, we will discuss why. Most new traders decide to use software so, they buy a cheap automated currency trading robot from an online vendor pay $200.00 or less and expect to get rich with no effort but they soon end up losing.

Forex Made Simple – Easy to Follow Tips Anyone Can Follow to Make Huge FX Gains!

In this article, we are going to look at Forex made simple and how you can achieve success quickly with some easy to follow trading tips. If you follow the tips enclosed (and anyone is capable of doing so) you will be on the road to a great second income in around 30 minutes a day.

Best Forex Trading Strategy – A Simple Strategy Anyone Can Learn for Huge FX Gains!

Here we are going to look at the best Forex trading strategy in terms of one which is easy to learn and can make huge gains. Anyone can master this simple strategy quickly and soon be making a triple digit income so, let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Things You Should Know About Swing Trading

Swing trading is the trading practice that usually takes place in a short period of time. This cannot be limited to day trading neither can it be related to long term trading. What you have to do is to hold a commodity for few days and even for a week’s time at the most. Then you can trade that commodity on the basis of the swing values that have been changed within that period of time. Swing trading is followed in such a market that has a known direction or no direction at all. It becomes easy to anticipate the change in such market.

Auto Trade Forex Software Program

With the current influx of auto trade Forex software programs, trading on this currency market is becoming extremely easy and simpler that it has been in the past. With these tools, both beginner and veteran traders can maximize their profits when they actively engage in daily trades within this intense and competitive market.

Spread Betting With Currencies

To be successful with Spread Betting it is important to understand at least the various spread betting markets available today. This article will explain the real basics of currency spread betting and provides a simple example.

Be Careful To Become Involved In A Fraudulent Forex Currency Trading Scheme

George Soros proved to be a trendsetter of the forex currency trading. However, lately people have been capitalizing on his name and emerging with some type of forex currency trading scam.

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