#MTOS Ep 7 Pt 1: How Effective Are Metaverses on ETH 2.0?

Welcome to Metaverses: The Other Side
In this show, we talk about non-blockchain and blockchain-related metaverses. We don’t get into price talk, trading, or the speculative nature of the space. But, there are other content creators on TGOC network who do. So please take the time to explore those contributors. However, from time to time, we ramble off possible business models that can be applied to metaverses. In addition, we have conversations on everything from metaverse-related movies/TV shows to open-source no-code to code-ready tools. And how they can be used to design and build metaverses while combining technologies like smart contracts, NFTs, and DAOs to them.

For those who wonder why the audio doesn’t match what is being seen on the screen, it’s because Twitter Spaces are like podcasts, just audio. So we decided to play various content related to metaverses. Some videos will be of us exploring or building and others will be AI generated visual content.

At the end of the day, we’re just two cypherpunk guys on the Spaces geeking out about VR/AR, gaming, metaverses, and what it means to the future of the internet as part of web3.

If you’re interested in participating in the live conversation, join us on the BuildRDAO Twitter Spaces at 8PM EST on Thursdays.

#MTOS Ep 7: How Effective Are Metaverses on ETH 2.0?
In this ep, 3D and me get into the Pros and Cons of having interoperable metaverses. It’s being sold as the greatest thing since sliced bread but I promise it’s not as cut and dry as the hype people make it sound. TBC, we aren’t saying it’s all bad either. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

Here’s #ChatGPT’s summary of Pt 1 of the ep.
“Trekkw2ks and 3D discussed the different types of metaverses and how they are built. They both agreed that while metaverses built on blockchain technology can offer more security and decentralization, it can also be more costly and complicated to maintain. They also mentioned that many metaverses use blockchain only for personal saves and data storage, and not for the actual game actions and database. They also discussed the challenges of upgrading to proof of stake and the cost of maintaining the contracts. They also mentioned that there are other ways to make the user experience smoother, such as using a browser for temporary storage.”

Please remember we hold the live Spaces on Thursday @ 8PM EST.

Thanks in advance.

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 Take Note:
**None of this recording should be taken as legal or financial advice. Keep in mind,  we’re not a CPAs, financial advisors, or lawyers. We’re just 2 guys on the internet geeking out about the metaverses and we don’t do price talk. This is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always do your own due diligence.** 

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