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Jay Z Bitcoin Academy The Young Turks | Stakk
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Our goal is to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and useful crypto. We do this by giving you our analysis of the industry, education, our review of the latest news, our technical analysis of multiple crypto assets. We are on the hunt for innovation, value creation, and creating positive impact to our communities.



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**This is not financial advice. The expressed opinions in the video are of the speakers. You can lose all your money in the cryptocurrency market, so be sure to do your own research before investing.**The Gentleman of Crypto is a daily live broadcast that explores Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. We discuss international topics, news updates, and future innovations in blockchain, digital currencies and assets, fintech, and more.

Balance of Payments

Balance of payments is “the system of accounts that records a nation’s international financial transactions” (Cateora & Graham, 2007). When two companies trade internationally there are many different financial transactions that can take place between the two companies such monetary gifts, cash payments, and cash receipts. Without this system of accounts it would be nearly impossible for countries to keep track of all the transactions taking place on the international level.

How to Achieve Unbeatable Success Over Competitors In Trading

A good trading software tool is a nice tool that can help you in this regard. It is extremely beneficial for people who have little knowledge about international currency markets, but want to invest in it.

Selecting a Successful FOREX Platform

This article covers essential concerns when selecting a platform or broker. This is one key part of the FOREX trade that a trader needs to give adequate attention.

Understanding Forex Market Trading

You hear foreign exchange rates being quoted every now and then. For the uninitiated, this is nothing but figures. To the experts, the fluctuations conjure different images – triumph or defeat – depending on how they interpreted the market.

3 Things That Make People Lose Money in the Stock Market

A lot of people have a dream to invest in the stock market and make money. A lot of people are successful doing so, but many of them lose money in big time, because they don’t know how to invest money in the stock market and don’t understand the basics of investing in the stock market and thus lose in big time. The first big stumbling block that makes them a wrong decision about investing is a psychological problem.

Effective Forex Trading Strategy That Works!

To be successful in Forex Trading, there are several effective strategies key to helping you earn big in forex trading. Many traders after a while tend to forget the simple basic rules they learn in Forex Trading. Let me share with you these simple yet important strategies that really work….

Why a Currency Manipulation Law Will Not Work With China and Why It’s Just a Bad Idea

Many in Congress are all over the issue of China and currency manipulation, but I say to you that starting a trade war and sanctions over this issue is a dead-end, economically speaking that is and yes, Geithner is correct, it is a silly move, and completely politically motivated. Now, I don’t for one minute deny that China has manipulated its currency downward, refusing to allow it to float against the dollar. But whose idea was this originally?

Becoming a Good Forex Trader

If you have a substantial savings in the bank, the interest your earn might not be what you can call a “good return on investment.” Although the money the bank is safe and easily accessible, a lot of people are looking at other means to help their money grow faster. A lot of financial institutions have greatly benefitted from this by offering various products that promises substantial returns. Still, some are wary of such packages, as it requires the money invested for a very long time and is not readily available.

Getting You Past Brokers Using Forex Mega Droid

Forex Megadroid evaluates previous and present information in the market and uses this analysis to predict whenever the best time to trade is. The majority of buyers believe that risk of failing is actually decreasing through this particular analysis and this can make Megadroid prone to lead to success. There’s a 5% margin of mistake with earnings, however customers nevertheless claim they have experienced assured profits with Megadroid

Platforms Trading – What Is Important And What You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Platforms Trading is the process by which retail traders like you and me run software on our computer to connect and communicate with our For broker. It is often over looked and yet the right decision is essential to our success as 4x traders. Trading platforms are the backbone of our every action and reaction. Forex trading signals are the other main factor in our success.articles and training materials about your trading platforms risks.

How to Make The Forex Market Work in Your Favor

Forex market is said to be a very risky place to invest in. In comparison to the stock market, it is proven to be a lot riskier. While the stock market allows each investor to look at financial documents of companies and decide whether it would be a good decision to invest, the foreign exchange market makes it almost impossible for every trader to predict what is about to happen in the future. Because of these, some traders in the foreign exchange market make sure that they are equipped with the right amount of knowledge about forex trading and they employ effective strategies prior to entering the actual market.

Good Forex Directory Helps You Increase Your Profitability in the Forex Market

Finding the best forex directory contributes big time when it comes to increasing an investor’s profitability in the forex market. For anyone who wishes to enter the competitive world of forex trading, it is important to consider getting the perfect directory that talks all about forex trading so his success will be within reach.

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