Crypto For The Culture: DeFi All Odds – RSVP (Nov 3) Virtual & Free

About Crypto For The Culture:
In 2021, the Co-Founders of Crypto Tutors attended many crypto conferences and saw that 80% of the speakers and attendees were not diverse. “Did you know that most crypto conferences cost between $500-$10K to enter? Consequently, Crypto Tutors became the founder of the first Crypto Diversity Conference called Crypto For The Culture breaking down all barriers for underrepresented speakers and attendees granting access to diverse thought leaders moving the industry forward and the crypto curious yearning for trustworthy crypto education. Crypto For The Culture is a Free & Virtual Crypto Diversity Conference taking place on November 3rd from 12-8 pm EST live.
“DeFi All Odds will offer actionable take-aways, strategies to navigate these economic headwinds, and access to careers in crypto. Crypto Tutors has curated a roster of blockbuster crypto celebrities as well as the most well-regarded thought leaders in blockchain and everyone is invited!” – Co-Founder, Lisa Francoeur

Speakers include Arthur Hayes Co-Founder of BitMEX, the youngest African American crypto billionaire in history, Cathie Wood Founder of ARK Investment, a star stock-picker and founder of $60 billion (assets) ARK Invest, Chris Lyons President Web3 Media of a16z Crypto $35 billion (assets under management), Dr. Green Captain of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves, Summer Watson the President of AKU NFT with sales of $20 million in less than a year, Alfarida Mohammed the SVP of Compliance at FTX, Kristin Potocki R&D at Arculus.

Topics include DeFi All Odds, Overcoming the Crypto Winter, The Business of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Careers, NFT’s & Gaming, Legislation and Governance, Crypto Security, Success Stories, Technical Analysis and Trading, and Crypto Rewards.

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