BlackRock goes ALL IN on Bitcoin | KUWB EP2

BlackRock goes ALL IN on Bitcoin | KUWB EP2
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Time stamps
00:00 BlackRock Launches Private Spot Bitcoin Trust
00:41 Institutional adoption of Bitcoin
01:04 Differences between a Spot ETF vs Futures ETF
01:29 SEC denies over a dozen bitcoin Spot ETF applications
02:00 Three Ways to Stack Sats without buying Bitcoin Outright
03:49 Mainstream adoption during the bear market
03:59 Bitcoins total transaction volume has passed 100 Trillion USD
04:09 Binance partners with the Phillipines
05:17 The Lightning Network versus Visa
06:44 Console the Web3 Discord killer on Bitcoin

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BlackRock Article

Spot ETF vs Futures ETF Article

Bitcoins transaction volume reaches 100$ Trillion Article

Binance partners with the Phillipines Article

The Lightning network vs Visa Tweet

Console Website


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